About Chapters 4 -18

I hope you’ve enjoyed The Secret Lake so far!

When they continue their search for Harry the next day, Tom and Stella discover a tunnel that leads to the most beautiful lake. Before long, they find out that they have returned to their home and its shared gardens almost 100 years earlier…. See below for the remaining chapters…

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The Secret Lake – Chapters 4-18

4 – The Secret Lake

5 -The Children in the Garden

6 – The Boy Thief

7 – The Time Tunnelers

8 – A Moonlight Raid

9 – The Dance of the Moles

10 – About Turn

11 – Rescue

12 – Guilty

13 – An Unexpected Welcome

14 – The Forgotten Clue

15 – Afternoon Tea

16 – The Return Visit

17 – Unmasked

18 – Journey’s End